Coach Beckley brings more than 20 years of coaching experience, including 16 years at the Division 1 level, to the business.  Beckley spent 11 years as the Associate Head Coach and Recruiting Coordinator for The Citadel Baseball program, and in that time, recruited hundreds of high school and junior college athletes.  During his coaching career he learned the ins and outs of the behind the scenes duties that are required to build and run a successful program.  


Coach Beckley was directly involved with recruiting, scholarship offers, academic programming, NCAA rules and regulations, admissions, camps, fund raising, public speaking, sales and game day operations, corporate sponsorships, management of program’s booster club, and even served as program’s military liaison. Coach Beckley helped support the development of 27 professional players, including three big leaguers.


David Beckley also enjoyed a very successful playing career graduating in 1996 from The Military College of South Carolina. As a member of the 1994 and 1995 Southern Conference Championship teams; Beckley graduated as The Citadel’s all-time leader in hits, stolen bases, and games played!  While also graduating as the Southern Conference’s all-time career leader in stolen bases.

Coach Beckley’s vision for E4 Consultants is to continue his behind the scenes work for the student athlete.  Even though he will no longer be on the field instructing; he will take all of his expertise and experience and apply it to this mentally grinding transformation known as, The Recruiting Process.  


“In my 16 years at The Citadel, nearly every family sat in my office, and proclaimed that this was their first rodeo. They didn’t really know where to start.  I will be there as a support system for the student athletes, and parents.  Serving as each family’s individual life coach, academic counselor, compliance officer, as well as, providing athletic guidance to equip each family with the tools and requirements needed to be on track to pursue their dream of playing ball in college at their appropriate level.  Even though I’m not on the field, with E4 I still get to coach student athletes, and be an impact in their life, and that’s what I’ve been called to do.” | Tel: 843-708-9628 | Charleston, SC

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