Their dream to play at the next level started as a child.

Boy Holding Racket
Youth Wrestling
Portrait of Happy Girls Tying Shoes

Now years later, they have chosen to play in your organization.

You have a reputable organization, so you know - if they chose

to play for you - that they have aspirations to play in college.

Show them how much you care while also rising above your competitors.


E4 is a service of real life value to your athletes and families.

Get your organization on board with our Path 2 Play! program.

Path 2 Play!


Services Provided:

  • Review of student-athlete's high school(s) transcript;

  • Provide NCAA GPA (different than HS GPA);

  • Provide 10/7 evaluation;

  • Provide ACT/SAT sliding scale requirements;

  • Guidance in core course schedule selection;

  • Status of student-athlete (Qualifier, Academic Redshirt, Non-Qualifier);

  • Review of high school's NCAA Approved Core Course List;

  • Communication with high school guidance department on any red flags discovered during review;

  • NCAA Eligibility Center account registration and amateurism;

  • For graduating seniors (2021) - COVID waiver evaluation;

  • NAIA evaluation.

Level 1


Package covers up to 40 players in your organization

Level 2


Package covers up to 80 players in your organization.

Level 3


Package covers up to 150 players in your organization.

We have a platform to help you raise the funds!


Contact our partner

mPower6 Fundraising 

if you or your team needs assistance.

Path 2 Play! is a yearly service based off of the

date you registered and purchased your evaluation.

Each semester your status will change as you complete core courses and standardized testing (ACT/SAT). It is imperative to keep us informed as you finish each semester.