Eligibility Requirements

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16 Approved Core Courses:

English (4)

Math (3)

Science (2)

Add E/M/S (1)

Social Science (2)

Additional (4)

10/7 Progression:

By start of 7th sememster, you must have completed a minimum of 10 core courses.


7 of those 10, must be completed in English, Math and Science.


Division 1:

2.30 (minimum)

Division 2:

2.20 (minimum)

Do you know how the 

NCAA grades?

Much different!


GPA/Test Score/Rank

Meet 2 out of 3

Other Important Info:

Division 1:

  • Sliding Scale;

  • Early Qualifier;

  • Qualifier;

  • Academic Redshirt;

  • Non-Qualifier

Division 2: 

  • Sliding Scale;

  • Early Qualifier;

  • Qualifier;

  • Partial Qualifier;

  • Non-Qualifier



The NCAA Eligibility Center is NOT requiring student-athlete's in the class of 2021 to take the standardized ACT/SAT test that is traditionally used to determine certification.

There is no sliding scale for the class of 2021.

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Path 2 Play!

  • Review of student-athlete's high school(s) transcript;

  • Provide NCAA GPA (different than HS GPA);

  • Provide 10/7 progression evaluation;

  • Provide ACT/SAT sliding scale requirements;

  • Guidance in core course schedule selection;

  • Status of student-athlete (Qualifier, Academic Redshirt, Non-Qualifier);

  • Review of high school's NCAA Approved Core Course List;

  • Communication with high school guidance department on any red flags discovered during review;

  • NCAA Eligibility Center account registration and amateurism;

  • For graduating seniors (2021) - COVID waiver evaluation;

  • NAIA evaluation.

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