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“Most colleges assumed I had to go to junior college. They had my GPA calculated as a non-qualifier. Coach Beckley insisted on seeing my transcript, and found several clerical errors that occurred between my high school and the NCAA that were affecting my NCAA GPA. Once he informed my guidance department and had the errors fixed, I became a qualifier.”

Mike Clevinger – Major League Pitcher, Chicago White Sox

“Our daughter is a 2023 graduate of James Island Charter School, where she swam and ran cross country and track. As her parents, we have spent our entire careers in college athletics, accumulating a combined 75 years in sports. So, we definitely knew what we were doing when she decided to try for the next level. Or did we? Before we came up for air after she made the big decision, the NCAA sent notice that she wouldn’t be eligible. How could that be? She was a straight A student. We were so confused! So, we contacted Coach Beckley with E4 Consultants. He explained the problem, soothed our anxiety, requested the correct action, and followed up on it. Within two days, the issue was resolved. CCU’s Athletic Staff commended us for how quickly everything was resolved. Despite our career experience, we would have floundered without Coach Beckley’s expertise and commitment to helping our daughter achieve her goal.”

Mary Ellen and Jody Huddleston – Parents of MK

“We are now beginning our 6th year in partnership with E4 Consultants. Every year our ballplayers get their transcripts to Coach Beckley for evaluation. In return, he makes sure they are on the proper track with NCAA academic eligibility. If there is an issue, E4 handles it. Coach Beckley communicates with parents and high school guidance counselors to get everyone on the same page. I have been extremely pleased with E4 and their services to our players and organization. If you are in search of adding a valuable service to your player’s package – I highly recommend E4 Consultants.”

John Rhodes – Owner, SC Diamond Devils Baseball

“Due to your knowledge and understanding of the system, and your ability and interests to figure out the school’s mis-application, my son was NCAA qualified. It is scary to think how many kids have not and will not get qualified for NCAA athletics due to their high schools, and even the college recruiters lack of understanding of the NCAA rules.
Again, thank you!”

Ed Goodson – Father of Bradley

“It’s been very helpful for us. E4 makes sure everybody is in line to be academically qualified as far as their GPA, test scores and course loads. He found something for us last year on a senior who needed to take an extra course to be qualified that nobody knew about. It’s a real benefit with all the rules the NCAA has now, and they are always changing. The last thing I want is for a kid to not have the opportunity at the next level because of something we didn’t know.”

Johnny Waters – Former Head Football Coach, First Baptist Football

Case Studies

Georgia School District

Talk about making an impact.

E4 fixed an entire school district in Georgia! 7 out of the 8 high schools were misrepresenting their student-athletes to the NCAA Eligibility Center! Remember, the NCAA Eligibility Center decides your outcome. This particular school district had no idea that they had been misrepresenting every student-athlete in the entire school district for years.

South Carolina and Florida

E4 is a difference maker.

E4 has fixed countless high schools in South Carolina and Florida. By getting your transcript evaluated by E4 Consultants, you are not only helping your own son or daughter, but possibly every other student-athlete in the ENTIRE school as well. We don’t want to see your athlete ineligible because of a technicality that was out of your control.

Oregon / Baker Early College

E4 is a difference maker for Baker Early College, so they referred us to Baker Web Academy.

“E4 has been a huge help to our school as we navigate all things NCAA. The process seemed overwhelming, but E4 helped make it feel manageable and helped us every step of the way.” 

Kate Saldana – Baker Early College – Principal (Baker, OR)

Oregon / Baker Web Academy

Thanks to Baker Early College, E4 is now a difference maker for BWA!

Thanks so much for all the help that E4 Consultants has done for BWA! You and your team were able to scrub our courses and helped get over 25 more courses NCAA approved off our catalog. I look forward to your future assistance! Thanks!”

John Martin – Principal – Baker Web Academy (Baker, OR)

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