Student Athletes

Student Athlete Path 2 Play Evaluation

When their dream began they were so little. It’s been a journey. You’ve gone to practices, private lessons, weight training, games, camps, and so much travel. As a parent, you’ve been there to support your child in their pursuit of excellence. Take one last step, get your athlete the support they need in this complex process with E4’s Path 2 Play Evaluation.

Path 2 Play Includes:

  • Review of student-athlete’s high school(s) transcript
  • Provide NCAA GPA (different than HS GPA)
  • Provide 10/7 evaluation
  • Guidance in core course schedule selection
  • Status of student-athlete (Qualifier, Academic Redshirt, Non-Qualifier)
  • Review of high school’s NCAA Approved Core Course List
  • Communication with high school guidance department on any red flags discovered during review
  • NCAA Eligibility Center account registration and amateurism
  • NAIA evaluation.


$79.50 per Annual Evalutation (Limited Time ONLY)

Normal price is $159

Make sure your player doesn’t miss out!

Players all too often find out too late that a mistake was made and they are not eligible for college play. Don’t make the same mistake.
Buy a consultation to make sure you’re on track.

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